Montreal Vocal Coach

Over the course of his 40+ year career, Grammy award winning vocalist Gino Quilico has commanded the stage of every major opera house in the world. In addition to his work in opera, Gino has enjoyed crossover performance success in the worlds of pop and musical theatre and in stage direction.

Gino’s approach to vocal teaching builds on the invaluable family secrets and incorporates the universal elements essential to cultivating a powerhouse voice, whether it be in classical music, pop/rock, jazz or musical theatre.


Gino has an uncanny ability to identify untapped vocal abilities in his artists and then develops tailored exercises and programs to help artists bring their voices to their full potential at new levels.


In addition to technical training that focuses on expanding vocal range, developing vocal agility, and building vocal strength, Gino’s instruction includes building performance confidence and emotional interpretation of music.

Gino and friends