Founder of Voix De Montreal and Grammy award winning vocalist Gino Quilico incorporates the universal elements essential to cultivating a powerhouse voice, whether it be in classical music, pop/rock or musical theatre. 

As a vocal coach he uses his 40+ years of experience to offer students superior vocal training that expands vocal range, develops vocal agility, and builds vocal strength while delivering an exceptional stage performance.

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Vocal techniques when appropriately and consistently applied together, become second nature. An inner symphonic harmony is achieved allowing the deepest elements of the voice to come through with ease.

A voice can only reach its full potential if it has the right foundation. Just as a Formula One racing car must be in optimal mechanical condition for the driver to be able to achieve its top performance, the body and mind must provide the ideal environment for the singer to achieve their full potential. 

Gino Quilico’s approach to vocal teaching comes from a classical foundation which is essential to cultivating a powerhouse voice, whether it be in classical music, pop/rock, jazz or musical theatre.

Over the course of his career Gino Quilico has commanded the stage of every major opera house in the world and has enjoyed crossover performance success in the worlds of pop rock and musical theatre. As a  producer and stage director for concerts, theatre productions and contemporary Operas Gino offers exceptional vocal technique training including invaluable guidance to students wanting to deliver a superior stage performance.

What people say?

“Mr. Quilico enunciates the Italian with relish, looks handsome and acts with convincing dash. This is a real baritone Don Giovanni, elegant and light on his feet”.
John Rockwell
New York Times
“Gino is a great talent, a great voice, a real personality and a beautiful actor. He has everything. Audiences are wild about him. It’s a great pleasure for me to see that.”
Luciano Pavarotti
International Opera singer


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