Popular Music
Singing Lessons

                      Montreal Popular Music Singing Lessons with Gino Quilico

Learn the skills to master the overall pop vocal technique ranging from soft breathy singing to loud full-belt singing and aspirated tones that are often used in the quieter moments of a song.

Voice lessons are offered whether you are a beginner or an experience performer.

By learning classical techniques  your voice will get to a whole new level.

  • Master your breath control

  • Increase your vocal range

  • Project without forcing

  • Correct areas of vocal strain

  • Blend vocal registers (chest voice to head voice)

  • Learn to work the stage with confidence

  • Take each of your performances to new hights

Singing Lessons

Develop your theatre singing voice  and deliver exceptional acting while singing. 

  • Refine your interpretation skills

  • Go deeper into the feeling and the heart of the music

  • Find out how to quickly memorize sheets of music

  • Perfect diction and vowels

  • Learn to “Act Out” the song and connect with your character

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