The 6 Rules of Voice

A voice can only reach its full potential if it has the right foundation. What follows is the distillation of over 40 years of experience in performance and vocal coaching into six essential rules of voice.

Just as a Formula One racing car must be in optimal mechanical condition for the driver to be able to achieve its top performance, the body and mind must provide the ideal environment for the singer to achieve their full potential.


But make no mistake! These six rules are not mere vocal techniques - when appropriately and consistently applied together, they become second nature. Something magical happens between the body and the mind, this is when the inner symphonic harmony is achieved which allows the deepest elements of the voice to come through with ease.


  • Head and neck and spine straight

  • Relaxed Jaw

  • Relaxed Shoulders

  • Rib cage open and flexible

  • Knees never locked

  • Weight on the balls of the feet



  • Open the throat and focus on the space like you are going to yawn

  • Raise and open the moveable soft palate

  • Finding and tensing the vocal cords

  • Emitting the sound as the air is released.



  • Breathe from the midsection (diaphragm) through the nose and mouth

  • Use a rotating hand movement to guide the breath outwards and forward

  • Breathe into the back section of the diaphragm

  • Exhale and let the air flow outward like a sigh


  • Lift the palate and feel cold air in the sinus cavities as you breathe

  • Hold a slight smile to raise
    the upper cheek bones

  • Make the sound into the space (sinus cavity) to what singers often refer to as the mask

  • The nasal humming exercise

  • Bounce the sound off of the bones in your face (the mask)

  • Feel Alert and awake

  • Body awareness is important, very similar to meditation

  • Your mood, feelings and sensations, are you ready?

  • Awareness of the Muscles in the Abdomen

  • Awareness of the space around you

  • Connect with yourself and become one with your voice

  • Always imagine the sound before making the sound

  • Visualize a beautiful voice timbre

  • Imagine an egg shape inside your mouth

  • Start from a low note and increase by semitones while envisioning a decent